Day 47 Friends over for dinner

Saturday  October 17th 2009

Our first dinner party. We invited over our friends Rieko and Ryosuke for an authentic Herrington meal. I really wanted to make something delicious. We had been wanting to make Rice Meatballs for awhile, but we couldn't find one key ingredient. Instant rice. In the land of rice everywhere, this might sound funny, but I hadn’t found any instant rice and regular rice wouldn't work. But while we were at Steve and Debbie’s house I spotted a box of Minute Instant rice. I asked Debbie where she got it and she said someone sent it to her in a care package a long time ago, and they seldom used it. I told her I’d been looking for instant rice and with out a hesitation she gave me the box of rice. Yay! I had all the ingredients to make the meal, so I decided to try it out on our friends and make it here in Japan. We had rice meatballs, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, and dinner rolls. Just like mom makes at home! I have to say It was awesome, only because it tasted exactly the same. Paul graciously gave me “best homemade meal so far in Japan” award.:)


We enjoyed talking over dinner and sharing stories with our friends. After dinner we made our version of a ‘Chocolate Thunder from Down Under’ (a dessert from Outback Steakhouse) for Ryosuke’s birthday. They really enjoyed it. Once again I was amazed as to how much they ate, and both are so slim.IMG_4726





After dinner and dessert we taught them a couple card games and then they taught us one. We really enjoyed playing ‘Rook’ with them. They told us this was their favorite. Paul and Ryosuke beat Rieko and I every time.   IMG_4732They also taught us a card game that is pretty similar to an American card game called “Scum.” It was really fun. We had a blast hanging out with our friends.




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