Day 201 – 202 Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea

Saturday March 20th, 2010

After a long few days of hosting the Gospel meeting the guys knew we would need a little down time. So they took us to Tokyo Disneyland!! We left Friday night and drove to Matsudo to stay with Steve and Debbie Carrell. IMG_0391First thing that Saturday morning we headed to the train station and headed towards Disney. We were so excited to spend the day among friends and fun. We have been so focused on work since we arrived that it was strange to just relax and take a break in Japan.

We started at Disney Sea. We rode every ride we could, before the lines were so long. IMG_0483

Philippine Photos10 510Soon it was afternoon and we headed to Disneyland.IMG_0488 We wanted to end at Disneyland so that we could see the fireworks show at night. The first thing that lit up at night was Cinderella's castle. It was beautiful. The detail that they put into everything was amazing.  Philippine Photos10 583Philippine Photos10 280             We really enjoyed our time. And we were especially glad to have shared it with good friends.

All through out the day we all tried to find hats that fit us best. Paul and Tim had a hard time deciding, but Derin and I knew that right one when we saw it.






The next morning we took the guys to the airport, to say a sad good-bye.