Day 43 Japanese roads take me home...

Tuesday October 13th 2009

We got up on our last day in Matsudo and ran a few errands in town. We had fun riding the train again. Debbie and I got to explore another mall while the boys took care of some financial business. IMG_4686We met up with the boys at the mall. At every store you always hear every shop person you encounter say, “May I help you?”  (Irrashaimase!!) It's just something they say as kind of a greeting and offering to help you find something. We started talking to one lady that worked there and she was asking us where we were from and what kind of music we liked. We (most of us expect Paul) admitted to liking country music. She then told us her husband was in a band and they played country western music. So Steve asked her if she knew "Country Roads" by John Denver (very popular in Japan) and soon they both started singing in the middle of a clothing store in the mall. It was too funny. I think they actually sang the entire first verse and chorus. Never a dull moment in Japan. Anything can happen!


       Afterwards we all met up and had a quick bite to eat and then headed towards the house.





IMG_4687We also saw a few different people talking to the people as they passed by. We asked Steve what this guy was saying and he said that he was from the Communist Party trying to recruit people.  (wow) 

After getting home we packed up the van with all the great stuff we found in Matsudo. IMG_4694

Well we had a great weekend with Steve and Debbie and sadly we had to say good-bye and head home. Maybe soon another adventure with the Carrells will arise. Here are a few picture of the traditional Tatami room we stayed in at the Carrells house.IMG_4684


Most houses or apartments have one room that looks like this. It was exciting for us to stay here, because we don’t have such a room at our house. We have a very modern house. And we sleep in a “western” style bed. Western as in American style bed. So this was our first experience sleeping on a futon. A futon here is not like a futon in America. (those thin mattresses folded into a couch) This is a 3’’ thick foam/cotton pad with a blanket on top of you. We really enjoyed the stay! So down the road we went. Soon we got to the toll road and came to this sign. You think your highway is confusing? Ha!IMG_4698

We are so thankful for our GPS, because we are still not sure where we should have gone from looking at this sign. And you do not want to make a mistake on a toll road and go the wrong way. We did once. Our GPS had a short lag in telling us “turn left” and of course we went right. It took us about a mile out of our way and then a mile to get back. It also cost us $10 for that little turn around. Ouch!

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