Day 48 Beautiful flowers and Takasaki Festival

Sunday October 18th 2009

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We had a beautiful display of flowers for the church this morning. I was so impressed by Shimakata-san’s work I had to share it with you all. We see Shimakata-san from time to time, but he has not yet taken us up on our offer of staying for services on Sunday Morning. But without fail he is there arranging a beautiful spray of flowers from his garden. Maybe someday he will stay to listen. We can only pray.

After services we stayed for our usual tea time with the people that came that morning. Its a good time to talk with people and try to understand a little more about them.

After tea we went with Rieko and Ryosuke to the Takasaki Festival.IMG_4739 A couple of Rieko’s students were performing a traditional Japanese dance today. It was a great opportunity to get out into the community and see Japanese culture. And the people watching was fun too.

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A couple of IMG_4757girls came up to us and asked if we could fill out a questionnaire. With a little help from them and Rieko we answered their questions. They were working the festival and trying to gather data to improve it. They wanted to know what brought us to Takasaki. I guess Paul and I look like out-of-towners!

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