Day 42 Costco and Pizza!!

Monday October 12th, 2009

I have to say the thing we were the most excited about today was Pizza. It has only been a little over a month since we had pizza, but having something that's tastes exactly like we want it to will be awesome! We woke up fairly early and headed into town towards Costco. The traffic was horrible. It was a holiday, so everyone was heading out of the city towards the country. It should have taken us 20 minutes or so to get there. Instead it took an hour and a half. After waiting in traffic a long time Steve got out to check if the traffic was ever going to move and to stretch a little. IMG_4649

We really wanted to find a few items and groceries. When we got there it was so crowded. We were lucky to find a parking spot. Steve with his crazy driving skills found a parking spot for us. Costco was crazy!  It was like a “Black Friday” sale in America.  We had to fight the huge crowds of people to get a slice of pizza. We stood in line for about IMG_465120 minutes, then had to wait another 30 minutes for the pizza. We started out shopping by strolling through the isles to see what this Costco had. Soon Paul called and our pizza was ready. YAY! We found a nice bench outside and after the blessing we dove into that pizza. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! (That’s right, six exclamation points!) IMG_4653


IMG_4654I think it was the first thing we’ve eaten here that tasted like food from the good ole USA. It was so good. We shared a large which for Japan was really big. It was just right for the four of us. We were all full and ready to shop. We walked up and down the isles and found lots of wonderful things that we needed for our house. What a great day so far.

After Costco we headed back to the Carrell’s to drop off all the wonderful goodies and the car. Then we were going to downtown Matsudo to look around and ride the train for the first time. I think for me it’s the first time ever. Paul rode the subways while he and his family lived in New York. He has a funny story he likes to tell about his dad you will have to ask him about it some time:)IMG_4656

We got a cool “Pasmo” card and filled it will a little money. Its like a credit card for the train. You just scan it as you go through the gates and It keeps track of where you came from and takes the money off the card. IMG_4658Paul found he could just slap his wallet on the sensor and it would pick up his “Pasmo” card and let him through.  He toyed with the idea of sliding his back pocket across the sensor just to check how sensitive the scanner was.  But we both soon had visions of the Japanese people around us staring in horror if Paul tried to slide his rear across the sensor.  You know, when you’re a missionary you have to sacrifice some things.  So we didn’t try it. (yet)

IMG_4663After our awesome ride we found a train conductor and took a IMG_4669picture. He was really shocked we wanted to take a picture with him.  I think it made his day. :)


Then we walked around downtown until we headed home. Debbie was going to make us her wonderful spaghetti.  We watched another movie, “Dave,” and talked with Steve and Debbie until we couldn't stay up any longer.


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  1. Pizza was the first "american"-type food I had here as well. So, I understand your 6 exclamation point awesomeness sentence! Great stories!