Day 34 First Singing Class and Bible Study!

October 4, Sunday, 2009

IMG_4435Today is our first class for the congregation. Today we will start teaching them English Hymns and studying the Bible. We were happy to see so many people show up early for singing. So before service we introduced two new songs “Because We Love the Lord” and



“JustIMG_4436 as I Am”.  Paul gave a short lesson about the meanings of the songs and why they were written. We sang the songs for the congregation, then they joined in. For being such a small group they sure do sing well. We sang for about 20 min. Then services began. Obata-san led the service as usual. Paul helping with the Lord’s Supper and a IMG_4438prayer.




After service Rumiko-san had a small lunch ready. So we all ate together, then we started the Bible Study. Everyone stayed for the Bible Study. This is awesome. Paul is teaching them about the Parables of Jesus. Today we talked about Mary and Martha. Paul did an awesome job of putting together a few great points. That there are many ways to worship God. IMG_4439Mainly about how what Martha was doing was good, but Mary had chosen the best thing to do. Worship God while He was with them. Over all the members didn't say a lot, but what we have observed about the Japanese is that they listen. They don’t always say a lot. We are hoping to get them to ask more questions and to have more discussion with each other.  Paul was pretty nervous, but excited to be working in the Kingdom.  This is why we are here!


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