Day 32 Obata-san’s Art

Friday October 2nd, 2009

We were invited to see a small art show in Takasaki. It was for some of Obata-san’s school mates. He stays in touch with some people that he went to middle school and high school with. A couple of them own an art gallery. They have also taught Obata-san how paint. I think he mostly uses acrylic and oil paints. So we were very excited to see some of Obata-san’s work.

He had two paintings displayed. They were both beautiful. I’ve tried painting. In any medium its hard. I prefer a steady pencil to work with. So for him to have completed these and then have them displayed is awesome.


After looking at all the pieces. We stayed around for a while visiting with Obata-san’s friends. None of them knew English, so we mostly listened. The owner of the shop had been to the USA, so he showed us a photo book of his trip. He had been to California and then Arizona to the Grand Canyon. He really enjoyed showing us his pictures.


They gave us a few snack to have while we waited. One was a very traditional dish which contains mochi (rice paste). Obata-san said his mom always made this for a treat. IMG_4419

It looks like a big fried cheese stick. But it’s not. It’s a type of mochi that you dip in this hot soy sauce. Not on my list of favorites. Paul didn’t seem to mind it. But he eats anything nowadays. :)IMG_4420

On our way home. We say this crazy van drive past us. Obata-san knew we wanted a picture, so He tried very hard to get close enough to take this picture. It was a fun chase. I really wish we could have taken a picture of the whole thing. It was crazy. In Japan they have very strict laws about motor vehicles. Every two years they must be inspected and repaired to code. This van was not within code. Obata-san said He probably wouldn’t get a ticket, but he would have to take off all the body kits before the next inspection. The picture of the girl on the back is Ayumi Hamasaki. She is Japan’s equivalent to Brittany Spears.  IMG_4428

The purple van looked crazy.  Paul looked online and found a clearer pic of a similar style.  WOW huh?

pikachu van

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