Day 24 Japanese BBQ

Thursday Sept. 24th 2009

We were excited today for our special guests to arrive. Dwight and Josephine Albright came to visit us here in Haruna.  Dwight is an elder with the Park Avenue church of Christ in Memphis, TN.  They were also missionaries in Japan.  They have been coming to Japan every summer for the past 12 years. They spend all their time here encouraging different congregations, preaching and teaching. Today they came to get to know us and spend some time with Obata-san. They were excited to see our house and spend the day with us.


That evening we went to Obata-san’s house for a BBQ. Let me rephrase that Japanese BBQ. Not quite the same, but still delicious. Japanese BBQ consist of steamed rice, then grilled veggies, then grilled meat. You come and eat it as its cooked it in that order. So really you have a constant flow of food, that’s hot and ready to eatIMG_4099 through out the entire meal. Obata-san  was an excellent cook. The food was awesome. It was a beautiful night to sit around and talk. Dwight and Josephine have a plethora of knowledge about the work that needs to be done here.     IMG_4108  






Then after the meal is finished Obata-san threw on the Soba noodles to make Yakisoba (fried soba) Delicious! We were so full. That is so typical of the Japanese meals we have experienced. You stuff your self with delicious food that’s in front of you, then they bring out another dish that’s even more delicious.


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