Day 22 Stacey's turn to drive

Tuesday September 22, 2009
The only thing exciting today was the fact that I was ready to tackle driving on the other side of the road. Paul has been driving since the second day that we've been here, but I haven't been ready to try it yet. I am a nervous driver. If I am taking directions from someone while driving I get flustered easily. And on top of that add the fact that I had to completely retrain the way I drive.

It was getting dark outside, but it seemed like an easy start, so off we went. We needed to go to the book store to find some language books recommended by another missionary who has been here over 5 years. So I hopped on into the drivers seat and started down the road. I think Paul was nervous for me. I thought I did pretty well for myself. We made it to the bookstore, then the grocery store and back home safe and sound. Yay! Now I know I can drive if I need to. Obata-san wants me to help drive Rumiko-san around. She was born and raised in Tokyo, then lived in Ochanomizu. These cities have great mass transportation and a Japanese drivers license is about $3000.00 (including classes you have to take or you won't be able to pass the test.) So it's not really needed in these big cities. Plus cars are expensive here. So Rumiko is about 73 years old and has never driven. So hopefully she can show me around.

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