Day 16 - GPS

First thing this morning the door bell rang. Paul was really excited today. He was expecting his first package from PC Bomber. Yay! We have a GPS now. Paul was so proud. He shopped around online (in Japanese) and found a great deal on a GPS.  Go Go Online Translator!IMG_3876 He ordered it and the website gave him the option of paying with a credit card or at the convenience store. What ,the convenience store you say?  Yeah the 7-11’s here are quite useful. The website emailed us a receipt of the order and then Paul went to 7-11 and paid for it. After that it took only 1 day to get here! It’s great living on a island that makes all its own products and it’s the size of California. Shipping is so fast. Paul didn't waste any time trying to figure out this new gadget. The other catch was that 99% of the GPS’ come only in all Japanese. Well at least it will give us another motive to learn better Japanese. Paul actually ordered the same type as Obata-san, just the newer model. So Obata-san helped him to program and read through the menus. Well we have a loaded GPS. You know what that means. ADVENTURE! Yep.IMG_3885 We are headed into Takasaki, because we know if we get lost we just punch the magic button and our newest little friend will lead us home. No more getting lost!

We wandered around Takasaki for a while, but the problem was we didn't have anything we needed to look for so we started to get hungry and we weren’t confident enough in our language to try a strange restaurant, so we found a Denny’s. The atmosphere was a lot like in the US, but the menus was not the same. I went safe and found a Club sandwich, Paul tried a pork sandwich. Mine was delicious , Paul’s was kind of weird, It was really spicy with some kind of hot mustard, and the pork was really fatty. I ended up giving him half of my sandwich.  Paul’s smile in this pic was before he took a bite. He was so happy to try some American food, oops not American for him!


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