Day 14 – Preacher’s Meeting

Monday Sept 14th 2009

IMG_3792Its our first preachers meeting! We went to Yokohama church of Christ. Once a month most all of the preachers around the Tokyo area get together to discuss different topics and help each other.

It was a great time to meet a lot of the other preachers and a few of their families. IMG_3812-1
We met up with Steve and Debbie Carrell. We were glad to be with them. They helped Stacey (me) so much especially by translating most of the meeting. Boy was that frustrating not knowing what they were talking about. Paul also met an old friend from OC, Ken Hysten, who helped him translate. Paul just found out Ken has been here for over 10 years doing mission work. What a small world!
IMG_3803They served us a few different snacks and tea twice during this 2 hour meeting. I tell you what, for being so small, Japanese people sure do eat a lot. After the meeting we all went down the street to a nice hotel that prepared a nice meal in one of their banquet rooms. Then we took a tour of their new church building and one of the ladies gave Debbie and I a hand made flower.


  After the meeting we drove home. We went through Tokyo. It was really fascinating. So many different shaped buildings, so much English in all of the billboards and businesses. We enjoyed our ride back to Haruna. And Paul got to drive some more on the open road.

When we got home we decided to try the heart shaped meat that we found at the grocery store. MMMmmm good! Its just ground beef (we think). If its not, it sure tastes like it. IMG_3870(So don’t tell us what it is.)  :)

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