Days 9-10: First Mail and First Business Meeting!

Wednesday Sept 9th 2009
We spend all day at Obata-san's house using the internet to update our blog/finances and trying to connect with people back home. It was nice to be able to get a lot of things done, but it was still frustrating because although we had access to the internet,  it was still only 2:00am in the U.S. so we couldn't talk to anyone from home. One step closer to getting things in order here. We went home pretty late that night and Paul was excited to find our first piece of mail in the mailbox. It was an info packet and a cable for our internet. It will be installed this Saturday. Oh how excited we were, especially since we just spent all day on Obata-san’s couch typing and replying to emails. Only 3 more days!!

Thursday Sept 10th 2009

It was another beautiful and clear day. We could see a lot of the mountains. We started the day working on a few projects at home. At 10:00am we had our first business meeting with the Obata's. We went over a few ideas Obata-san had and we gave him a few things we had been thinking about as well. It was a really good meeting. It was good to get some ideas in motion and talk about new opportunities for the church.   We have a tentative plan for our work here!  We hope to finalize it soon! 

After that, we got a call that Paul's hanko was in. Obata-san wanted to go and pick it up and then go the the bank. Yeah! Japanese bank account here we come.
So into town we went. We decided to open an account at a major Japanese bank called Mizuho Bank. We went to Takasaki for the nearest branch. It took a little while. Obata-san helped us with all the forms and within an hour we had an account. Now we can pay our bills through an auto deduct or strangely enough, at the local 7-11 convenient stores. How exciting!

On our way home Obata-san wanted to introduce us to some of his friends。 They owned a Japanese Pear orchard. They let us walk through the orchard and pick a Nashi (Japanese pear). I peeled it and we shared it under the trees.

It was funny about every 5-10 min. you would hear a big bang. It was a firework or something going off to scare off birds and animals. I guess they get a lot of fox type (Obata-san didn't know the English word for it) creatures that eat and destroy things. I assume the birds can be a menace as well. They said they even get wild boars that come to steal the fruit!  The young man that helped run the orchard took a few picture of Paul and I. He was excited because we were the first Americans to visit the farm. So he posted a picture of us on his website http:/

After we got home that evening we decided to go on another adventure. This time towards the big city of Takasaki. Well we figured since we just drove through there we could find our way around. Off we went. We got off to a great start. We got to Takasaki just fine.
We found Mos Burger and we had always heard it was awesome. So we decided to stop for a Mos burger. It was really good.
We've also heard they are pretty healthy, I don't know. It's still a hamburger and fried potatoes. At least I think its hamburger. Then after dinner we decided to try to to drive a little further. Paul really wanted to find the Yamada Denki in Takasaki. Remember, It's an electronic store, imagine that. So we tried. Paul even went into a convenience store and asked, but it sounded really complicated, so we decided to head home instead. We will try another day.

When we got home we Steve Carrell  (American missionary in Matsudo, Japan) called and wanted to know if we needed help with anything. We thought we were ok, but then I realized we hadn't done any laundry yet. I really needed to know how to use the washer and dryer. So over the phone we compared machines and with Steve and Debbie's help we figured out how to turn it on and wash some clothes. Yeah! My first load of laundry. We had to run the machine several times, because it had dirt in it from the move. But soon we had clean laundry. Now I can go to bed a happy girl.

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