Day 8 - Visit to the mountains

Tuesday Sept 8th, 2009
Today we scheduled a day trip to the mountains, to visit brother Motoyuki Nomura.  Brother Nomura and his wife were missionaries to the Korean slums for many years and he has been preaching for many years here in Japan too.

We traveled about 4-5 hrs by car, Obata-san and Paul alternating driving. It was a beautiful day. Sun shining and fresh air.

All the way to Bethany home church of Christ we could see the mountains. We love to look at the awesome display of God's creation. We stopped several times just to stop and look at the scenery.

We stopped for lunch at Sukiya. They had really great Gyudon. Gyudon is a rice filled bowl topped with sautéed onions and beef, its great!

We were very excited to meet Nomura-san and his wife, because they gave us many dishes as gifts to start our new home here! So we were anxious to thank then with special gifts. P野村家While corresponding with the Nomura's through email. One of the first emails Paul responded to was to thank the Nomuras for the gifts they sent for our house. In the email Paul put a note carbon copying Obata-san and asking Obata-san to translate into Japanese if necessary.  Mr. Nomura graciously responded with an email. He told us that when he was young he took night classes at the local YMCA to learn English, but since the classes were during the night he could only understand English at night time, so he was glad to have received our email during the night so that Obata-san would not have to translate. Also he always referred to himself as an "old geezer bumpkin" After we read this we knew we had to meet this funny man. As we pulled up to their home they were waiting for us. It's so good to put a face with a name. They showed us around their home and the church (which is inside their home). They talked with us for a while, telling us how hard the work is in this area, and a bit about American Missionary history in Japan.

Moto (as he likes us to call him) says "the people in this local community are stubborn Buddhist, and will not listen to the Gospel." I think he has an especially tough area. It's an older community and they are so set apart from any big cities I think they are little more "set in their ways". Brother Nomura and Sister Nomura need lots of prayers to bring people seeking God to this church. After we took some pictures and had coffee and a delicious apple pastry, we decided to head home. It took us about 4 hrs to get there. Again the drive home was beautiful. We went a different way home. Nomura-san showed Obata-san a secret way. It took an hour off of our time home! So with a little extra time we stopped at an electronics store. Yamada Denki! (or in English Yamada Electric)  Its kind of like a big Best buy, but this one also sold a few food items and house wares. Pretty cool. We thought electronics would be a little cheaper here, but not so. We did find some ink cartridges for a printer/fax/scanner someone gave us. And we found Heinz ketchup. Yeah! The ketchup here is not the same. I think we use more sugar in ketchup in the US. Big surprise,  I think we use more sugar than any other country, but I have only visited 3 countries so far, so I might be wrong.

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