Day 139-153 Church and Taking a look around Takasaki

Wednesday January 20th, 2010

The children’s classes are really picking up. We are so excited to see the young smiling faces coming to the building every week. We are trying hard to teach them the truth through a very limited vocabulary. We know most of the children come for the English exposure, but planting the seed of Jesus is our job. We hope to be able to see, one day, the fruits these seeds produce. Paul in 1Corinthians 3:6 tells us “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” It is so wonderful to see the scriptures alive and how they apply to our lives. Last month we had very low attendance, butIMG_6741 with God’s help He brought more kids to our class. We’ve had up to 7 kids and 3 adults (moms that stay with their kids) at once. We actually had to take over the adult’s class room. So now the kids and I are in the main room of the building and the adults meet in the office. I have to say it’s very nice to spread the kids out. It has made teaching the children much easier too. In the coming months I hope to add more crafts and activities to the lessons, so that they have a better understanding of who Jesus and God are.


Sunday January 24th, 20104th, 2010


We were joined the Obatas and Morioka-san today on a tour of the Robai trees. The name means wax flower. They were beautiful and up close they really did look like wax flowers. Obata-san called them the sakura (cherry blossom) of the winter.


Monday January 25th, 2010

Today Paul and I decided we needed to start getting out of the house and explore our town some more. We really enjoyed doing this when we first arrived, but lately we’ve been so busy we haven’t gotten out of the house much. So we took a road trip. IMG_6793Not very far. We decided to take a look at the big statue that stares over the city of Takasaki. The statue has always been a land marker for us as we traveled to and from the city. We drove up to the mountain and bought our tickets and walked up to the giant lady. We got there only 30 minutes before they closed, so we were the only ones inside. I have to say it was kind of creepy being inside a big idol. And inside there were more little idols. Some were angry, some had 4 arms, IMG_6803and some were riding an elephant.  When we reached the top (which was only up to the shoulders of the statue) we enjoyed the view. It was beautiful looking out over the city and seeing the country side run right up next to the mountains. After a few pictures we were ready to head back. We walked around the outside and looked at all the souvenirs you could buy. We watched a young family explore the outside. They had a child about 2 years old and he was looking around and soon he discovered the big statueIMG_6839 in front of him and as he looked up and saw how big it really was he stumbled backwards. It was kind of cute, seeing how he was in his own small world and then discovered something so huge. I think that’s how we are with God. Most days we are just confined to our own small world and we can’t imagine something out there so much bigger than our minds can comprehend, and then we get a glimpse of God and His awesome power and when we realizes its right in front of us, we stumble backwards in awe.   

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