Day 59 Stacey teaches at a local Kindergarten

Thursday October 29th 2009

***I apologize I can’t show any pictures of the kids from this day. I was told by the school that I can’t post the children’s pictures on the internet, but I could in a newsletter to my church. There are a few pictures in our newsletters if you are curious.***


Last Wednesday I was asked to help Mie with her Kindergarten class that she teaches on Thursdays. She comes to 2 classes every Thursday to give the children a few lessons about English. She thought the children would benefit from listening to a native English speaker. She also said she wanted to teach the children a few Christian songs. The principle is Buddhist, but wants the children to learn more about other religions and cultures. So I went with Mie to see how I could help. She told me they were learning shapes and colors. So I made some colored shapes for the kids to play a few games with and decided to teach them the song “Jesus loves the Little Children” I thought it would be appropriate with the colors in the song.

The kids were so cute and so smart. I was really amazed at how many English words they knew. The first class was mostly 5 year olds and the second 6 year olds. It was really fun seeing the kids learn and interacting with them. The first class was really curious about why I was here. So I enjoyed telling them a little and Mie translating the rest for me. After we sang the song, one child asked what it was about. WOW. That really amazed me that I was given the opportunity to give a few of God’s words to a 5 year old. I told them that this song was about how Jesus loves ALL of us. No matter what we look like. If we have black hair or white hair. Blue eyes or brown eyes. I gave them all a little card with a scripture in it and a flyer to give to their parents inviting them to church. I look forward to coming back to see the kids and seeing the new questions they have for me.

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  1. are you guys okay?

    the first months can be hard.

    brent in kojima