Day 51 New visitors for Bible class!

Wednesday October 21st 2009

The Lord has blessed us yet again with people that want to learn more about Him!! We are still amazed at the people in Japan. We know Christianity is very rare here, but people willing and eager to seek Him will find Him. IMG_4814Its our third Wednesday Bible Study and this week a new family has come to join and learn. Mie, Hana, and Megu live near our house and attend a church in the Maebashi area. They are such a great addition to our study. Next week I look forward to starting a children’s class. Mie said that she will be back next week and she knew a few other people in this area that want to come too.IMG_4825 Awesome!! This week we started in a textual study on the book of Luke. Paul introduced the book to the class with a little history. Everyone really enjoyed the class and were asking lots of questions too. I have to say this was a very encouraging class for Paul and I. IMG_4820I know the work is ALL the Lord and we are not responsible for “making Christians” we just sow the seed, and God makes it grow. But its still encouraging to see the growth.

After class Mie invited me to come to the Kindergarten where she works and help her teach an English class and teach them a Christian song. She said the principle (that is Buddhist) wants the children to learn about other religions and cultures. I can definitely do that!! Again it is so awesome to see the opportunities that the Lord has brought to us to spread His word!  Hopefully this will open many new doors for us and the Lord.


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