Day 30 Japanese Church History Day

Wednesday September 3oth, 2009

Today we went to Nomura-san’s house. We visited him a few weeks ago, but we went to help him pack up books that he is donating to Pepperdine University’s Heritage Center. Dr. Jerry Rushford, Head of church relations for Pepperdine, is in Japan to receive these books and to research church history in Japan.


When we got there the work was mostly done. A couple of the younger preachers came to help Nomura-san box them up a couple of days ago. So we got to sit around and learn about the history of the churches of Christ in Japan. Very cool. After listening to them all talk and go through pictures we shared a meal together then headed on our way home. Brother Nomura is a great friend and always a treat to visit.  He is a true mountain man as well.  He basically lives on the side of a mountain!IMG_4393 IMG_4399 IMG_4404

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