Day 7 - Our day off and work on the house

Monday Sept, 7th 2009

What a beautiful morning. It’s our first official day off and we started with our usual walk, we saw a couple of large double blade helicopters headed towards the mountains. Not sure where they were going. Again we went a little too far and got a little lost, so we had to back track until we recognized a path to get home. Oh well, more exercise for today. On our walk we passed a couple of cow farms and many rice fields. The farms and fields here are so much smaller than in America. It probably plays a big part of why the food is so expensive.
Today I made an excellent lunch today. It was excellent because I used all of my kitchen appliances to make lunch. I used the toaster for chicken nuggets, the convection oven for potato wedges (I still can’t read the buttons on the machines; I just punch buttons till it looks right. I turned it on and it started flashing, not sparking, but it flashes until it gets to the right temperature. At least that’s what I told myself. And I used the stove to reheat Mac and Cheese (I fried it in a pan). Well I was proud of myself for not blowing up the convection oven. Paul was taking a nap and I didn’t want to wake him yet. It was scary to use. I really don’t even know where the stop button was. But I told myself if it started acting funny I would just unplug it. After lunch we were really hot in our house, and we ventured to open the windows. Well today its clean air. Thank you Lord!

We worked all day on organizing the house, unpacking the last of our boxes and putting together the few things we bought at Cainz Home store the other day. It was a very productive day. We had a small friend that decided to hang out with us all day by the window. So far we havn't see very many unsual bugs. Although there are some places where the spiders get together to build these giant webs. If we can get a good pic, we'll post it soon. Paul once saw a huge dragonfly in the restroom at a rest stop on the highway, he said he was as big as a sparrow, but he wasn't fast enough for a picture. We were very thankful to be able to enjoy a beautiful day at home.

We made our usual trip into town to get a few things. One thing we wanted was more cereal. The cereal boxes here are so small. Overall a very relaxing day. At times the differences here can be overwhelming, but we are thankful that we don't have to rely on ourselves for peace, but the creator of universe takes care of us. Keep praying for us please!


  1. You have a convection oven!!!! Me too! It does take a lot of getting used to. The trick I've found useful is just do the same temperature and time the recipe says but start with a cold oven, no preheating at all. That seems to work with most store bought stuff but when it comes to baking who knows. I put something in the other day that was supposed to take 25 min to cook and it burned in 10.
    We are so excited for you guy. We've been in Morley for almost 3 months now. You are in our prayers and we would love to keep in touch. God Bless!

  2. I think you two should invest in a small inexpensive GPS. LOL

  3. I would die of starvation with those small cereal boxes!!! At least here we have family size cereal, even if they do cost $10 a box! huahua