Day 12 Internet & Tacos

Saturday Sept 12th, 2009
Oh we've been waiting for today. Today we get INTERNET! We can finally talk to our family. We really hadn't talked to any family for almost 2 weeks now. I have to say I'm getting sad, but not for long. We will be up and running today and then tonight when its Saturday morning in Wichita we get to call our parents and sibling and maybe have time to talk to a couple friends. Oh I can't tell you how excited we are. Ok so we counted down the time and finally the door bell rang. It was NTT. Yeah! Please start hooking up our internet onegaishimasu (it means PLEASE!!). They started asking us questions, and Obata-san wasn't there yet, so Paul told them to wait and our Japanese friend would be right over. Obata-san to the rescue. He came and they started working diligently. With in a couple hours they were finished. So I made them a cup of coffee and a plate of Russell Stover candies we brought with us to share. So after they left we tried our new internet…
It didn't work. :(  Ok its a little different than we are used to. We opened the software and started the installation. It wouldn't even open. Oh man. Our computers are not compatible with Japanese software. Obata-san was still here helping us. So we went to his house and he let us borrow one of his laptops. Ok lets try again. Ok its running... and then it came to a prompt screen asking for our provider information. We didn't get a provider. We thought we didn't need one. So after a few hours of trying Obata-san went home, and we sat around staring at each other very disappointed. Paul tried to call the customer service number, but they couldn't understand each other. urrrrr. We are not going to get internet today are we? We decided to make some dinner. We used some of the taco stuff Memorial Road sent us. It was really good. Well at least we had a good Mexican meal today even if we don't get internet. IMG_3765

Soon Steve Carrell (American Missionary) called to check on us. Luckily our home phone works now. So we told Steve about our problem. He said he could call the customer service number and talk to them to see what we needed. After that conversation he called back and now Debbie, his wife,  was talking to us while Steve was on the other line to NTT. So after about another hour of this 3 way call. Steve found an internet provider that we could pay for right then and they would give us the info we needed to get through the install CD. Ok lets try it. ... ... ... ... ...

IMG_3766It worked!!! We were so happy. I hooked up Skype so fast and called my Dad. It was the perfect time to call in the US. It was about 9:30pm here and about 7:30 am there. It was really good to hear his voice. After we called a few more people we went to bed very happy. Ahhh. At last we are connected. Now we could call anyone any time we wanted to. What a great feeling. We didn't realize how dependant on the internet we were. It was pretty late. I think we stayed up till 2:30am talking. Now we can go to bed.

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