Day 1 and Day 2 - Our first days in Japan

Tuesday Sept. 1st & Wednesday Sept. 2nd, 2009
We arrived in Narita airport about 4:00pm local time. We found our luggage, but we didn't know how to carry it to the van. After a long time of searching, Paul found a couple of nice workers and they helped us. I guess it's not usual for people to bring 6 boxes, 3 large suitcases and 3 personal bags. Oops! Obata-san (our supervisor) and Rumiko-san (his wife) met us at the airport to take us home. We had so much luggage at first sight Obata-san decided to sent Rumiko home on the train, because we might not have enough room in the van. After using 4 airport carts and 3 trips we fit it all in the van thanks to Paul's superior Tetris skills. On our way out Paul had to exchange all of our dollars to Yen. Yay!

We stopped at a little restaurant and had dinner, OK our first big test for food... it was delicious. We had sweet and sour pork, and Gyoza, or what we call pot stickers. Obata-san, noting Paul's size ordered much too much food and we had to get a to get a to go box. Lunch tomorrow!

We then drove to the Tachikawa church where Dwight and Josephine Albright met us and greeted us with a warm hello. We stayed the night and left the next morning after breakfast. It was cloudy all the way to Haruna. on our way home we stopped at Bic Camera to buy a hair dryer and an iron. The prices were very high, but Paul found a closeout model of a iron that was cheap, (only $50! , cheap huh?) After that we stopped to look at cell phones. We couldn't start any services until we had our Alien registration cards. So home we went.

We arrived at our little house. what a blessing it is to us to have such a beautiful and large house to live in while in Japan. We were so thankful to all the many friends of Obata-san that gave us so many beautiful things to use for our house.
We met Rumiko at the church building (beautiful) for lunch and met one of the members Lee-san. It was very exciting to be experiencing what has only been seen in pictures. Later that evening we met Rieko-san, one of the member of the Haruna church of Christ. She is one of 2 who speak English very well, Obata-san is the other. She teaches English in a top high school in Takasaki. She went with us on our first trip to the grocery store. It was crazy. We couldn't read a thing. :) There is so much Kanji (word picture) in everything it was frustrating. Well we left with a few things, but we would need to figure out our eating situation soon. It was hard, because we didn't know how to cook a lot of foods, or if we had the correct utensils and appliances to cook them. So I think we left with eggs, cheese, English muffins, strawberry jam, and a frying pan. Hmmmm. I wonder what we were going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day. We soon figured a few more things out and we went to sleep around 8:00pm local
time. (Jet lag is so good for early bedtimes!)

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